Tellurium: See how Plain English Testing can revolutionize your QA and testing experience.

Automation for all.

Tellurium's online automation software allows anyone to write Plain English tests that everyone can understand.

Here's an example test - feel free to modify it.

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Tellurium: Easy to understand Plain English automated testing!

Easy to Understand

Plain English tests produce Plain English results (plus screenshots).

Open API

Developers can run their tests from the command line using our open API.


. . . like for music, but for your tests. Playlists also let you structure test cases around requirements.

Tellurium: Schedule your Plain English automated tests so that they run automatically!


Schedule your tests to run automatically and receive notifications about the results.

Manual Runs

Perform both automated and manual test runs and keep all of your results together in one application.

Test Converter

Convert your old Selenium tests into "Plain English" Tellurium tests with one click.

Tellurium: Write your tests in your own lingo!  Easy to understand, easy to share.

Your Lingo

Create your own custom phrases using one or more Plain English commands.

Tellurium: Share your Plain English tests and results with anyone, whether they're logged into or not!

Simple Sharing

Share your results with anyone (even non-Tellurium users). Acceptance testing has never been easier.


Write one test that can run on multiple sites using multiple test users.

Use our Tellurium: Record your actions as Plain English automated tests and run them as frequently as you'd like! browser extension to have
record your actions and create your tests for you!


Tellurium: Free online web automation!  Write your scripts in Plain English and share them with every member of your team.

"What's the catch? Nothing is free."

Well in this case, it is. If you sign up during our Beta period, you'll be able to run one test at a time for free as long as you have your Tellurium account. Want to run more than 1 test at a time or try out our enterprise features? Just ask!

Once we're out of Beta we intend to have pricing plans, most likely subscription-based. But we need your feedback to help develop these plans. Let us know how you think the pricing should work and what you think you (or your company) would be willing to pay for it.